Pole pool covers


Pools are a luxury, adding value and entertainment to any home or business. But when it comes to safety a Pole Pool cover is a MUST. When it comes to family and pets safety, a Pole Pool Cover is a must!
Why Use a Pole Pool Cover? A pool is a wonderful asset to have at a home but also can be a danger for children and pets. A Pole Pool Cover is a safety feature that fits over the pool to stop anything from leaves to full grown adults from falling into the pool.
How Does It Work? The cover is made from High quality, UV stabalized PVC fabric with aluminium poles running across the width of the pool. The poles act as the support, keeping the fabric above the water line and anything on top of the cover from falling into the pool. The cover is fastened down by means of a stainless steel ratchet system on the ends of the cover.
Pole pool covers are perfect for:
  • protecting your pool from dirt and leaves
  • preventing water evaporation
  • Preventing children and animals from falling into the pool
  • increasing the temperature of your water allowing you to extend the swimming season.
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pool cover after
pool cover before