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Shade net

Shade net is a lightweight knitted polyethylene fabric that provides plants and people with protection from the sun. Shade cloth fabric is available in densities ranging from 20% to 95% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, Construction and agricultural applications to name a few.

Barrier Shade Net
Barrier shade net

Barrier Shade Net

Barrier Nets is typically used on construction sites to demarcate and cordon off unsafe or restricted areas. The net may also be used for ground stabilisation and wind reduction applications.

Shade Net

Shade Net Premium

Agriculture Nets is easily identifiable through various methods of construction and shade density. This selection of the shade cloth for a specific use is made by reference to the percentages of light that passes through the fabric. Agriculture Nets has a shade factor from 20% to 80%.

Ground sheet

Ground sheets

A groundsheet has become a necessary item for campers in reducing the wear and tear on their tent bottom fabric. The Netted Ground Sheet provides a barrier between your tent and the ground surface; it is designed to prevent moisture from the ground from pressing through the bottom of your tent and also protects it from any rough surfaces. Durable and rot-resistant

Some Other Products We Sell

PVC coated tarpaulin

Tarpaulins PVC

PVC is a durable fabric to make tarpaulin and other custom covers from. Made in 550g, 700g and 800g weights. Other options can included special coatings like fire retardant and anti fungal.

Ripstop canvas tarpaulin

Ripstop Tarpaulins

Ripstop is a hardy fabric used to make tents, tarpaulins and other custom covers. Often preferred to PVC due to its more natural look and feeling. Ripstop comes in a 400g and 500g weights.


Poly Tarp

Poly Tarp is a light weight fabric used for tarpaulins, ground sheets and light applications. It is a more cost effective solution to PVC and ripstop. Weighing 180g and in a range of colors.