Spill containment


When it comes to protecting your floor and the environment from oil or chemical spills, Popular Canvas’ spill containment Berms will help contain the mess.

The berms can be used in many areas such as:
  • Oil spills
  • Concrete mixer spills
  • Compressor and generator spills
  • Vehicle oil spills
  • water overflows


Spill containment

Portable berms are smaller in size and are made from heavy duty PVC canvas making it rugged and long lasting. The walls are filled with foam making them easily folded away and stored when not in use. The material is easy to clean after use.

Length Width Height
500mm 500mm 150mm
1000mm 1000mm 200mm
2000mm 1000mm 200mm


Spill Containment

Collapsible Berms are used for areas which require a larger volume of storage while The walls are collapsable allowing vehicles to drive over the walls when flat, and then erecting the side wall to contain the area around the vehicle.

Made from Heavy duty PVC with reinforced walls for long lasting and durable products.
Our Collapsible Berms are manufactured to custom sizes and generally approximately 300mm wall height and any floor size.
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