Popular Canvas has been manufacturing tarpaulins & tautliners to the transport industry since 1964, providing top quality products to give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Our team work closely together to provide you with a durable and long lasting tarpaulins & tautliners and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products.

We can manufacture in a variety of colors and weights from 550g up to 800g tarpaulins depending on your specific needs. With optional branding to help expose your business to new clients and new markets.


– material comes in 550g, 700g or 800g
– our tarpaulins are made to any size to suit our customers needs
– eyelets are placed every meter with 1m or rope in each eyelet
– a name can be written on the side to advertise your company


We are a stockist of fire retardant coated PVC tarpaulins material which adheres to British Standard Method BS 7837: 1996, Flammability performance for textiles used in the construction of marquees and similar textile structures.

The fire retardant material can be used to help extinguish fires or help protect items against the flames.

For more information on our specialized tarpaulins Materials please contact us for more details.



We use only top quality materials to ensure a long lasting tarpaulins & tautliners. We also stock the webbing, buckles, hooks and poles for tautliners.


– 800G PVC
– Steel over center buckles
– Assorted runners to fit your specific track
– manufactured & installed at our factory

Tautliner Branding on Trucks


Our digital and screen written products are made from top quality materials to suit all of our clients.

Truck advertising is the second most effective form of outdoor media. This mobile advertising medium is recognized as one of the most powerful advertising spaces in South African advertising, providing impactful and far-reaching exposure for your product or brand.

Our digitally printed tarpaulin & tautliners are printed on 900g printable PVC with top quality over center buckles and runners. We offer many aspects of vehicle branding to suit our customers every need. From Digital printing to adhesive vinyl, we will help you grow one step at a time. Whether you need a tarpaulin & tautliner printed on, we can help you.

Contact our experienced staff to find out what we can do for your fleet.

Theft Prevention Mesh

The Theft prevention material helps protect your cargo from theft by preventing thieves from cutting through the tarpaulins & tautliners. This is obtained by bonding the anti theft material onto the inside of the tautliners.

The theft prevention material is woven with a steel cable, light enough to not effect the weight of the tarpaulins & tautliners and flexible enough to allow for ease of use while protecting your cargo from thieves using sharp blades and knives to enter your vehicles.

Watch our demonstration video here

Open top container covers


Open Top Container Tarpaulins are made to cover open top containers, made from top quality PVC with container eyelets spaced around the edge to fit tightly onto the container allowing for loading by crane.

We are also able to manufacture custom Open Top Container Tarpaulins when loads exceed the height of the container.

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