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Tautliners Digitally printed tautliners curtains
Tautliner branding as a great way to expose your company, reaching thousands of potential clients on a daily basis. This cost effective mode of advertising is fast growing in South Africa.Digitally printed tautliners are a great way to advertise your company, your own moving billboard to showcase your business everywhere it goes. This will be a tautliner curtain that keeps adding value to your business through new business leads and brand recognition.

Only using top quality 900g digital printable tarpaulin, the best quality inks and a UV glaze to protect the print and enhance the inks.

Think of thousands of people seeing your Brand year after year. Can you afford not to go digital?


Sign written branding is a more cost effective route to the digital printing, using standard 800g PVC tarpaulin and hardy, flexible inks. This form of tautliner branding is perfect for basic designs with no photos or shading.

Giving you the same exposure as digitally printed tautliners but at a fraction of the cost.

Do you need new Tautliner Branding?

Canvas Repairs

We can also repair your Tautliner Curtains

We can repair your tautliner curtains, replace runners, buckles and webbing. As well as repairing your tents and tarpaulins with eyelets, webbing, rope and more. Don’t let a small hole cause you to throw away your expensive canvas. Let Popular Canvas repair it for as best we can.

Theft prevention Mesh

Theft Prevention Mesh for your Tautliner

Theft prevention mesh helps protect your cargo from theft by preventing thieves from cutting through the PVC tautliners. This is obtained by bonding the anti theft material onto the inside of the tautliners.