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Grain truck cover

Tipper Truck Covers

Tipper truck covers are effective ways to cover your side or back tipper truck. We ensure our products are long-lasting and easy to use by using high-quality, locally sourced materials designed for the South African climate.

Whether you’re hauling gravel, sand, or any other materials, our covers ensure that your load stays secure and protected from the elements. Engineered for reliability and built to last, our covers provide superior performance, giving you peace of mind on every job. Explore our range today and find the perfect cover to enhance your truck’s efficiency and safety.

You can use tipper truck covers on side tipper trucks with grain covers or on rubble trucks and recycling removal trucks. With a roller system that easily allows the driver to open and close the cover on his own.

We are also able to brand your covers with your company name and logo to help boost you advertising portfolio.

Need a Tipper Truck Cover?



Popular Canvas has been manufacturing tarpaulins to the Cape Town area since 1964. Providing top quality products to give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Canvas canopy covers

Canopy Covers

We produce Canvas covers for all forms of truck, bakkie or car. With a wide range of colors we can help cover all your assets in transit. Our Canvas canopy covers include windows in mesh or clear PVC. Roll up doors with either velcro or heavy duty zips.

Grain Covers

Grain Covers

The grain covers are made from a specially formulated material for the grain industry with anti mold and UV stabilized for long term exposure in the sun. The material is made with the Grain industry in mind.