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Cooling Tunnel Curtains

Cooling Tunnel Curtains

In the fruit industry, maintaining the quality and freshness of produce from harvest to market is paramount. One of the key technologies aiding in this process is the use of cooling tunnel curtains. These curtains are essential components in the pre-cooling process, helping to rapidly reduce the temperature of freshly harvested fruit, thereby extending its shelf life and preserving its quality.

What are Cooling Tunnel Curtains?

A Cooling tunnel curtains is a flexible barrier used in cooling tunnels where fruits are pre-cooled immediately after harvest. These tunnels are part of a controlled environment where cold air is circulated to quickly lower the temperature of the produce. The curtains help in maintaining a consistent and efficient cooling environment within the tunnel.

Benefits of Using Cooling Tunnel Curtains

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Improved Quality and Shelf Life:

Rapid and uniform cooling slows down the metabolic processes in fruits, reducing the rate of ripening and decay. This results in better preservation of texture, flavor, and nutritional value.

Temperature Control:

Our Cooling tunnel curtains aid in maintaining uniform temperature throughout the tunnel, ensuring that all produce is cooled evenly.

Energy Efficiency:

By containing the cold air within specific sections of the tunnel, these curtains help in reducing the energy required to maintain low temperatures, leading to cost savings.

Operational Flexibility:

Our Cooling tunnel curtains can be adjusted or repositioned easily, allowing for flexibility in handling different volumes and types of produce.

Cooling Tunnel Curtains Specifications

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